Welcome to Our Den

Elusive Lollygaggers

An Independent Video Game Development Studio Based in Montreal, Canada


What's an Elusive Lollygagger?

Elusive Lollygagger (ɪˈlusɪv ˈlälēˌˈɡaɡər):

  • A subtle, but coherent individual who pleasantly dawdles and has fun on their own simple terms, while cleverly evading turning over the fun.

  • A game developer who believes in these properties of frivolity, simplicity, and elegance and creates with the same spirit.

We are a group of two people who, unknowingly at first, identified with both of those definitions, collaborated on a project in our studies at Independent Video Game Development at Dawson College, and took our mutual love of language, games, and the playful jokes the Earth plays on its denizens to make a studio together. 


Hence, on a summery eve of 2016, was borne Elusive Lollygaggers, the studio.

Situated in the beautiful Montreal, Canada, Elusive Lollyggagers currently is operated by the founding members Ana Tavera Mendoza and Ryon Everett. Our focus is on delivering fun, but profound, humorous games that allow people to get in touch with their inner-humanness. 

We are currently developing our first title, Rodger Hyena

Please feel free to look around, we have some pretty things to look at, stuff to read, more on Rodger Hyena, and of course media goodies and opportunities for the press and potential collaborators.

Welcome to our den,

Ana & Ryon

Ana Tavera Mendoza

As Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Artist, and Co-Founder of Elusive Lollygaggers, Ana wears many proverbial hats. Hailing from a background in Computational Arts, Ana was drawn to game production and met Ryon in their shared time at IVGD at Dawson in 2015. She is sharp on the wit, and will out-rhythm you in most games you can find.


Rodger Hyena (the guy), 2D art and animation, user-experience, experimental games, emerging technologies, the undervalued art of punmanship

Notable Work

  • Deathwhiff 3000 (2015): a multiplayer game where you literally need to smell virtual creatures
  • Neural Drift (2014): a co-op game where players need to control a robot through brain-computer interfaces.
A digital art portrait representing the likeness of Ana Tavera Mendoza

Yes, yes [fingers steepled menacingly] that would be great.


A fictional Portrait representing the likeness of Ryon Everett, done in 2d pixel art.

Sounds great! How are we going to get that done?

Ryon Everett

A Game Designer, Programmer, Narrative Designer, Co-Founder, and Business and Promotion guy, Ryon must lollygag most efficiently. Having studied Liberal Arts and psychology, Ryon toured Europe as a model, jumped into marketing working as a consultant and project manager before his urge to make living fun brought him to game-making. Calm but calculated, he is an avid gamer, reader, and loves making dad jokes. 


Rodger Hyena (the primordial struggle he represents), programming, character design, fun-framing, narrative, open-source, and behavioural neuroscience.

Worthwhile Experience

  • Project Architect and Consultant (2014-): Working in technical development, digital marketing, and branding.
  • (co-creator) Miasma (2015): A co-op board game based on surviving on a derelict spaceship through exploration and team-play.